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縫製 ( Sewing ) × 帆布 ( Canvas )

Let Your Clothes be a Canvas!

We are striving to create a kind of “free-spirited” clothing where the wearer is free to add their own personal nuance to each garment. Wearers are fully encouraged to create their own art with this high quality canvas, and breathe their own personality into each garment, making it uniquely their own.

Our Challenge

At SEUVAS, we are striving to significantly reduce waste and facilitate recyclability in our garments, all while utilizing traditional and natural production methods from start to finish. We are working to greatly reduce the environmental impact of garment production by making products which are built for long term wear and are easily repaired and reconstructed, ensuring a lifetime of use.

Our Goals

Greater Recyclability

SEUVAS garments are crafted with the intention of long-time use and reusability. By virtue of the quality of our core textile, Okayama canvas, each SEUVAS garment is built to be experimented with, changed, adjusted, reshaped, and refashioned into anything the wearer so chooses. With this in mind, we are constantly pursuing greater recyclability and utility in each of our garment designs.

Natural Processing

Our fundamental canvas fabric is produced via natural and traditional manufacturing techniques, while also utilizing a waterless washing/finishing method. Our dyeing partners also exclusively use natural botanical dyes to beautifully accent our canvas constructed clothing. As we further innovate our clothing, we continue to experiment with new ways of enhancing our garments by natural means.

Sustainable Manufacturing

At SEUVAS, we are committed to utilizing recycled cotton, recycled wools, and recycled fabrics when creating our garments. We also continue to produce in very low quantities, and therefore work to eliminate any potential excess in production or unnecessary use of plastics. More and more we are minimizing the need for new materials in our production process. And because we at SEUVAS maintain a close relationship with our textile supplier, Takeyari Canvas, we are also able to easily repair garments if necessary, adding to the longevity of these garments and thus reducing any unnecessary waste in the long term. We are continuing to find new ways our production model can be used to increase sustainability in manufacturing.

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