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縫製 "Sewing" × 帆布 "Canvas"


Clothes using canvas?

Canvas is a symbol of SEUVAS®. Originally it was used for ship sails and painting canvas, and features the toughness and excellent breathability even in harsh environments. The canvas produced in Kurashiki, the home town of our factory, accounts for 70% of the Japanese market share. Among them, we use canvas from Takeyari, a long-established factory founded 130 years ago (founded in 1888). Takeyari holds more than half of the Japanese canvas market share. Canvas is so tough and firm fabric that originally used as industrial textile, and therefore it has been unsuitable for making clothes. Nonetheless, we decided to make clothes using the canvas because we are attracted by the texture that only this fabric can provide.


Sewing techniques bring out the charm of canvas

We are specialists in making clothes. Making the most of the characteristics of the canvas, we pursue comfort and detail. The scouring process to bring out the unique roughness, and the use of cotton thread of the same color as the fabric. These techniques of in-house factory brands are incorporated into "Canvas Clothes". We do not follow trends, do continue to offer the timeless style, shirt, coverall jacket, the standards. In addition, many of SEUVAS® clothes have a porcelain button called "+botao" which made from clay ore (Amakusa pottery stone) mined in Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. "+botao" is all hand-made, one and only. It makes a fine accent and brighten up the clothes. We hope everybody to know the virtues of SEUVAS® craftsmanship.


Let your clothes be a canvas

"Tough Canvas" and "Careful Sewing". Canvas Clothes is a combination of both styles. Each piece has a various look and feel, it will come to fit you and stay close to your life. It is a timeless, goes well with any style, "free-spirited clothes". That's SEUVAS. Make your own lifestyle through the clothes of SEUVAS as "canvas". Canvas fits all.

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