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Skunk Works

Seuvas Skunk Works Briefing

Seuvas is based on high quality sustainable production methods. To apply these methods to a wider audience, Seuvas Skunk Works was conceived. A small team, working on unique and interesting pieces with little boundaries in design concepts. We are focused on high quality in combination with innovative and unique colors and materials. We combine art-thinking with expert level construction techniques and a deep understanding and appreciation of materials. 
The Skunk Works project focuses mainly on unusual and unique designs and color palettes in product development protocols. Projects under Skunk Works utilizes a very small team of professionals with only one goal in mind; To make interesting garments, with function and timelessness. While Seuvas focuses on canvas, we will focus on materials and material/color combinations that seem interesting and functional. This is taking Seuvas’s standard designs to a more experimental stage. 

First Stage Product Development

Inspiration is vital to design. Ideas are born out of small pieces of information that become a picture when a puzzle is complete. Inspiration is absorbed from the environment. For the first project of Seuvas Skunk Works, we took inspiration from workers. Specifically the pink uniforms of the Shinkansen (bullet train) cleaning staff. Their pink uniforms stand out in the color palette world of JR’s Blue, Black and white. Everytime the train reaches its final stop the cleaning crew donning pink uniforms head onto the train to clean up. The soft color of pink is similar to their gentle but vital work. This shade of pink is rare in workwear, and we really like how the soft color creates a cheerful atmosphere. 

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