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Skunk Works Roomy Jacket

Maximum functionalibility combined with serious comfort. Oversized and versatile for layering with our flannel shirts and jackets, or in combination with a light down vest. Featuring our medium weight canvas which is light and soft. These are roomy for a reason, they allow full freedom of movement. These are functional enough as workwear and stylish enough for a casual style. Double hand pockets, and two chest pockets (one internal) means this jacket can store it all. Take note of the special pink ceramic top button. 

-4 pockets
-button front
-comfortable oversize
-special ceramic button

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Skunk Works Drawstring Pants 

Comfort and style is a difficult balance for unisex items. Our drawstring pants are casual but classic in style. Featuring a wide comfortable hip line, double pleats, with a tapered leg. These are similar to classic british trousers, but with a casual edge. Using our medium weight canvas these pants are comfortable and durable. We feel these pants are an excellent balance of comfort and style. 

-zip fly
-button top
-external drawstring
-slanted front pockets
-twin back pockets (one button)


cm ウエスト 股上 股下 ワタリ 裾幅
1 79.5 28.8 69 35.6 19.8
2 84.5 29.3 70 36.8 20.3
3 89.5 29.8 72 38 20.8

data-mce-fragment="1" width="100%"> cm Length Width Shoulder Sleeves 1 75.5 125 56.5 53.5 2 77.5 129 58.5 54.5 3 79.5 133 60.5 55.5

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