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A New Wave of Sustainable Fashion Born from Matcha


Introducing SEUVAS’ latest iteration of collection, a testament to the allure of matcha-derived dyes.


「"We seek to harness the vitality of plants," says SEUVAS' representative, Tatsuhiro Akashi, speaking to the essence of these garments.


The journey to perfect these matcha-dyed pants involved about half a year of trial and error, resulting in a product distinguished by its gentle hues derived from plant-based pigments.


This matcha dyeing process represents a fusion of ancient Japanese dyeing techniques with modern technology. By incorporating a small percentage of chemical dyes, the fabric's unique look is preserved while preventing excess fading from sunlight, thus enhancing its longevity and appeal. Furthermore, this dyeing method minimizes the environmental impact of dye wastewater, contributing to the future of sustainable fashion.


SEUVAS's matcha dyeing is an exploration of garment production using natural materials, mindful of the environment. The dye, primarily composed of matcha, is enriched with leaves to create a unique texture and depth, with the final touches applied in a Kojima dyeing factory.


One might wonder if matcha dyeing results only in green hues, but it actually produces colors like gray and beige by utilizing the complex tannins found in matcha. Each piece is dyed by hand, embracing the warmth of craftsmanship and carefully created amidst the aroma of matcha.


SEUVAS introduced this new matcha dyeing to counter the challenges faced by the fashion industry, aiming to create fashion that is considerate of both the environment and people.


The fashion industry today is confronted with numerous issues, including environmental impact and deteriorating labor conditions. However, SEUVAS confronts these challenges head-on, striving to offer sophisticated fashion for the future, embodying a commitment to overcoming obstacles while paving the way for refined, future-oriented fashion.


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