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SEUVAS’ Challenge for Sustainability


Transforming Discarded Textiles into Fashionable Creations

In the textile industry, one significant issue is the disposal of excess textiles produced during the manufacturing process. SEUVAS is addressing this issue by adopting a routine practice of salvaging high-quality textiles and repurposing them into new fashion pieces.

So called "leftover textiles," which would typically end up in landfills, are actively acquired by SEUVAS. The company is actively contributing to a recycling-centric society by reintroducing these textiles into the market as the premium quality materials that they intrinsically are. Tatsuhiro Akashi, the head of SEUVAS, initiated this project driven by a sense of urgency concerning the prevalent practice of discarding surplus apparel textiles, coupled against the continued need for the sale of quality textiles abroad at affordable prices.

The Charm of Fashion Derived from the ‘Remnants’

With the fashion industry experiencing a rapid growth cycle, the production of garments to match fleeting trends has ultimately surged. SEUVAS challenges this norm by utilizing a maximum of 3 meters of leftover textile, depending on its pattern, color, and size, to create its pieces. The allure of these pieces lies in their uniqueness and the creative challenge they represent. Unlike mass-produced items, these garments are distinctive due to the varied sizes, patterns, and colors of the textiles, with designers' creativity shining through the constraints of the available materials, making each piece uniquely rare and valuable.

This initiative is remarkable for its use of surplus textiles, enabling SEUVAS to provide high-quality materials at a lower cost. This approach is not only eco-friendly but also introduces a fresh perspective on value within the fashion sector, aspiring to rejuvenate the local community.


The vision extends to revitalizing the industry in Kojima, historically a textile powerhouse in Japan. Through creating employment opportunities and establishing a globally competitive business, Akashi expresses a deep fondness for Kojima and a desire to invigorate the local community with SEUVAS.

By appreciating and repurposing what is available, SEUVAS aims to promote a cycle of sustainable fashion. The company's commitment to sustainable fashion is a step towards a future where sustainability and innovation coexist harmoniously in the industry.

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